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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.    What time does the Shuttle Hope depart from Muara everyday?
A.   9:30 departure time
Q.   What time does the Shuttle Hope depart from Labuan everyday?
A.   4:00 pm from the Labuan vehicle ferry terminal. (Subjected to port clearance)
Q.   What time must we arrive at the terminal?
A.   Aleast one hour before departure time. If you have not purchased your ferry tickets, it is better to arrive early.
Q.   How long is the journey between Muara and Labuan on the Shuttle Hope?
A.   Sailing time will take one hour and thirty minutes on fine weather conditions.
Q.   What documents is required if I bring my vehicle?
A.   For vehicles, we advise the driver to bring along photocopies of the vehicle registration card, vehicle insurance policy, and valid driver's license.
Q.   Does the Shuttle Hope have any onboard facilities?
A.   The Shuttle Hope has a fully air-conditioned passenger cabin,a small cafe that offers a variety of food and drinks, outside seating for people who prefers the sea breeze, male and female washrooms, and 360 degree view of the Brunei Bay!
Q.   How do I make ticket booking?
A.   You will need to complete our official booking form and send it to us for processing.
Q   Do I need a passport to go to Muara or Labuan?
A.   Yes, you need a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
Q.   Do I get a refund if I cancel my ferry ticket?
A.   No refunds will be given.
Q.   Where can I purchase the ferry ticket?
A.   i: Directly form out ticketing counter (P.K.L Jaya Sdn Bhd) at the Serasa Passenger Ferry Terminal from 7.45am to 8.45am.

ii: Directly from our office at Muara Centre from 10am to 4pm daily except for Friday and Public holidays.
Q.   Can I change the travel dates and details of my ferry tickets?
A.   Yes, you can. You will be required to pay a B$25.00 administrative fee. Please avoid changing your travel dates.
Q.   Can I change the vehicle ferry ticket to passenger ferry ticket?
A.   No, this is not allowed.
Q.   Can I use the Shuttle Hope without vehicle?
A.   Yes, foot passengers are allowed. The Shuttle Hope can carry both vehicles and passengers.
Q.   Is there any terms and conditions for use the Shuttle Hope?
A.   Yes, please refer to our terms and conditions of carriage before you purchase your ticket.
Q.   What type of vehicles can the Shuttle Hope carry?
A.   All vehicle types including sedan, motorbike, SUV, VAN, 4WD, MPV, truck, trailer and heavy machinery on wheel.
Q.   What is the maximun vehicle deck clearance height?
A.   4.0 meter.